Kids Savings Accounts

Opening a savings account at an early age is the perfect way to set your child on the the right path for a solid financial future. A BHFCU Savings Account is a great way for kids to develop good saving habits and learn how their credit union works.  

This account is all about learning how to save.

  • Only $5 needed to open account
  • No monthly fee
  • Deposit money into their account each pay period using payroll deduction. It’s a great way to give them their allowance or provide the money they need for school.

Teen Savings Accounts

Teaching your teen about money management is one key to financial success! A BHFCU savings or checking account gives your child the responsibility to manage their own money. As the joint account owner, parents can keep a watchful eye on saving and spending habits. 

Kid Holding Money and Piggy Bank


Benefits Include: 
  • Joint ownership for parents (joint owner must be a BHFCU member).
  • BHFCU Mobile App: Teens and parents can easily check balances, transfer money, pay bills, and make deposits! It’s the most convenient way for your child to bank: Download the  BHFCU Mobile App
  • ATMs: Access to over 30,000 Surcharge-Free ATM Locations 
  • Direct Deposit
  • Transferring money to your teen is EASY! 
  • Debit Card: Just like an adult account, your teen will have access to a Visa Debit Card. It’s a fast and easy! 
  • Budgeting: Opening a savings account for your teen is a great way to teach them how to budget and pay bills. 

Tips for Parents

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Talk to Them

One of the most important things you can do to teach your child financial responsibility is to talk to them about money. Take some time each month to look over their finances together. Discuss areas of spending, saving, and goals for the next month.

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It's important to discuss the dangers of fraud. Talk to your teens about the importance of keeping their account secure, and rest easy knowing their account is covered by Visa's $0 fraud liability feature.

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Setup Direct Deposit

If your teen is employed, have them setup direct deposit to make sure their paycheck makes it into the bank each month. Using direct deposit is a great way for your teen to see how much money they are earning verses how much they are spending.

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Teach your teen how to use all facets of their checking account including online and mobile banking. The BHFCU Mobile App is the most convenient way for your teen to check balances, pay bills, and make deposits. It's an all in one budgeting tool! Get them in the habit of checking their account several times a week.


For your child, grandchild, niece, or nephew, and pave the way for a solid financial future.